Helping Clients Execute Strategy and Achieve Results 

At Edison Strategy Solutions, we help your organization establish your vision, plan your strategy, and measure and manage your performance so that you achieve your mission.  We not only help you plan your strategy, we help you implement it.


Establishing Your Vision & Mission

All organizations, whether public, private, or nonprofit, have a reason why they exist -- their mission.  Often times, however, leadership teams are not always in agreement on what that mission is.  We work with your top leadership and staff to achieve consensus on the mission and to establish your organization's vision for the future.

Vision & Mission 

Strategic Planning                

To make your vision tangible and enable stakeholders inside and outside the organization understand how you will achieve it, we help you articulate your strategic goals and objectives. In addition, we help you prioritize and select the strategic projects, or initiatives, that will enable your organization to reach its goals and objectives.

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Performance Management

Articulating a vision with strategic goals and objectives is only the precursor to achieving your mission. To truly be a strategy-focused organization, we help you determine the key measures your organization must use to track its progress in implementing the strategy and the governance process for reviewing progress on a regular basis.

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